Thursday, October 7, 2010

BBM, Twitter, Social Networking...

My primary reason for being a member on any social network is to do exactly what the name implies: NETWORK Beyond that, it's my attempt to be more open and sharing. I use them to keep people updated with my day to day happenings. Before, social networking when people would find out various things about me no matter how big or small they would be so surprised to find whatever it is out about me. Apparently, I am secretive or whatever... I won't even get into how much texting it has saved me. I can send an update and for my active followers / friends/ list members instead of sending individual text.It is for this very reason that I opt to be connect to you; be it via twitter updates, facebook / BBM status'. Now, as far as everyone that does not fit into the above mentioned categories, I follow for pure entertainment or general interest.

Now, for the real reason that I even decided to write this. Do not misunderstand me: It is okay to ask your friends and family to follow you. However, it's NOT okay to expect to be followed back / friend request acceptance / BBM list approval what I am trying to explain is there is no way I am going to follow back everyone that wants to be followed or followed back nor am I going to continue to follow someone that is  tweeting or talking about things that will damage our relationship. For example, one of my followers was in a relationship but would always tweet about how she met this guy, or likes this guy so much. I did not unfollow her because I don't like her anymore or because I don't want to be her friend anymore. It's just that I did not want to have to constantly be reminded of what she is doing. Believe me, a real friendship does not live or die based upon if I follow you, allow you to be my friend on facebook or allow you to be able to communicate with me via BBM.I said all that to say this: If I don't unfollow / disconnect with you electronically, potentially our real life relationship can be effected. When, I unfollow you, stop being your friend on facebook or remove you from my BBM list. It is only because I value you as a friend and do not want to let digital communication harm our REAL LIFE relationship no matter what it may be. Now, if your going to unfollow me or stop being my friend on facebook or real life based on the above mentioned things; ask you self: "Why am I doing this? Am I so egotistical that if a person does not follow, you magically become uninterested in them. If that's not the case then I don't see a valid reason. Also another reason for an unfollow / disconnect is simply EFFICIENCY if we u are not writing about things of interest to me i.e. money, travel, events and education then pardon me however, I just want to get to the tweets that I actually want to read.

Now, I realize you may say "you only have like 5 followers."Let assure you my five followers that actually follow me which means more than just simply clicking the follow / friend / or accept on BBM option on my profile. Many of you have heard or read when I say "You would of known if you followed me." Almost all of you say the same thing. "I do follow you!" Granted this is not a blanket statement this is only directed toward the people that actively use these tools. Being "active" means that you go to my page and at the very least skim it. (facebook and twitter.) As for BBM active status simply means you update your status and look at other peoples status as well.

For those of you that are connected to me great thanks I appreciate each and everyone of you. For me, social networking is not about quantity, it's about quality. I attempt to answer each and every @, DM, inbox, wall message, BBM message or txt. Understand, that I am just trying to be as efficient as possible don't take it personal.

Thank you for reading and if you find an errors please let me know so that those corrections can be made.